Volta ao Concelho

Route Description

The road bike tour starts in the center of Ponta Delgada, following the west coast towards the parish of Santa Clara and Relva. Continue on the ER8, towards the parish of Covoada, turning left, next to the milk station, following the Saramangal road through the agricultural area, to the intersection with R9-2ª. Turn right at the crossroads and continue towards the viewpoint of Vista do Rei. Follow the right towards the intersection of the Sete Cidades, follow the left descending to the parish os Sete Cidades. Slow down on the descent to the Lagoa das Sete Cidades. After some rest, leave the parish of Sete Cidades towards Várzea. At km 32 it is recommended a stop at the viewpoint of Cumeeiras, sight on the Mosteiros. Continuing the descent to the junction of the Várzea, turn right and continue on the N1-1ª Regional Road, going through the different parishes of the North Coast, João Bom, Pilar and Ajuda da Bretanha, Remédios, Santa Bárbara, Santo António, Capelas, Fenais da Luz, Calhetas, Rabo de Peixe to the roundabout at the Ribeira Seca entrance of Ribeira Grande. At this point (km 74), the return to Ponta Delgada begins, but it is possible to make a stop at Areais de Stª Bárbara beach. Turn right on the Ribeira Grande road, turn right at the roundabout at km 81, following the old Pico da Pedra road and the adutora road to the Pico do Funcho roundabout. Around the roundabout down the radial Pico do Funcho, passing the various roundabouts, down the avenues Natália Correia and D. João III, descending to Avenida D. Henrique ending the ride next to Portas do Mar.



Route Information

Ponta Delgada_Sete Cidades_Costa Norte_Ponta Delgada
4-5 hours
91.2 Km
1771 M