Tour of Stª Maria

Route Description

This road bike tour has a circular route, beginning and ending at the Largo Nossa Senhora da Conceição square, in front of the Vila do Porto Town Hall.Cycle westwards up the main street, then turn right towards Valverde, going downhill and then up a short, steep slope. At km 3,3, keep straight ahead at the crossroads and then turn right after a further 500m, descending towards the Praia Formosa beach. We suggest you stop at the vantage point. Continue along the main road and then turn left at km 6,5 and climb up to Malbusca. Turn right at km 11,8 until you come to Gloria, and turn right at the crossroads at km 16,7, and right again about 1 km further on, after passing Fonte do Jordão. Go onto the main road [R1-2) and then take the turning to the right at 18 km, returning to the main road after about 2 km. At this point you can choose either to descend to the parish of Maia or to go down as far as the vantage point overlooking the lighthouse. On the way back, continue on along the main road to the parish of Santo Espírito, past the church of Nossa Senhora da Purificação, keeping straight ahead until the right turn onto the R3-2 road. Follow on to Azenhas de Cima and keep on towards São Lourenço. Near km 29,7 there is a vantage point on the right hand side of the road, with a sweeping view of the São Lourenço Bay. Go down to the crossroads and take the road down to São Lourenço, or go back and climb up to Stª Bárbara. After the final climb, have a rest at the pool at Pedreira, and regain your energy. Then continue on through the parish of Stª Bárbara following the R1-2 road along the north coast, passing the vantage point overlooking the Lagoinha islets. Turn right at the crossroads at km 41,7, keep straight ahead, and then turn right towards Anjos. At km 46,1 turn left towards the area of the airport and begin your way back to the starting point of the tour.


Route Information

3 hours
52,77 Km
1.244 M
Technical level: