Route Description

The route begins at the Nordeste Town Hall, where you take the Rua Alves de Oliveira and Rua Padre Pacheco do Monte, and then go onto the main road EN1-1A, towards the parish of Pedreira. At km 5,2 you come to the Ponta do Sossego picnic park, with views of the Lombo Gordo beach and the whole of the east coast of São Miguel Island.  A little further on you come to the Miradoura da Ponta da Madrugada, a vantage point with a magnificent view of the Fajã do Araújo, at the foot of the cliff, and the Ponta do Arnel Lighthouse. From this point to the entrance to the parish of Agua Retorta (km 14) the climb is demanding and the surface is uneven. We suggest you stop at the vantage point at km 21, which has an excellent view of the town of Povoação and its Seven Ridges [Sete Lombas]. Then begin the descent to Povoação, taking care to reduce speed. At km 27,7 you leave Povoação and begin a long, demanding climb which ends at km 34, where you begin the descent to the parish of Furnas (km 38). In Furnas you can see the volcanic hot springs and drink the water from the mineral springs, as well as tasting typical local delicacies, such as the ‘bolos lêvedos’, a kind of unleavened bun, and little cakes made with taro, called ‘queijadas de inhame’. Exit Furnas via the Rua da Igreja, going up the Sanguinhal road (pay attention to oncoming traffic). At km 41,5 you come to the Furnas lake. Continue on via the south coast along the typical cobbled road up to km 44, before climbing up to the Castelo Branco crossroads (km 47,8), where you begin the long descent to Vila Franca do Campo (km 57), where you should taste the famous local cakes, ‘queijadas da Vila’. Continue on via the main road EN1-1A to Água D’Alto. After you pass the area of beaches, you will face the final difficult stretch, the short but steep climb up the Pisão hill, which begins at km 64,5 and ends at the roundabout at km 65,8. After this there is a rolling surface going down to Ponta Delgada. Take the Rua Manuel Augusto Amaral out of Água de Pau, and then go onto the main road ER 1-1, which takes you to the town of Lagoa.  Follow on along the Avenida Infante D. Henrique, taking the main road through Atalhada and Pópulo, as far as the parish of São Roque. Follow the Avenida do Mar at km 80,7, finishing the road bikes tour  the Portas do Mar.


Route Information

Nordeste_Ponta Delgada
4-5 hours
83 Km
1782 M