Interior Sete Cidades

Route Description

The trail begins on the west shore of the Blue Lake [Lagoa Azul], in Sete Cidades, next to the leisure and restaurant support buildings for the lakeside beach. First go in the direction of the Ponte dos Regos bridge, then cross the bridge and turn left up the Cerrado das Freiras path. Keep to the right, going up two small inclines, and keep straight ahead until you reach the northern ridge of the crater. Continue onwards until you reach the shores of the Blue Lake. After passing the Cerrado das Freiras picnic park (next to the forestry nursery), go past a small stream and keep straight ahead. Keep to the right, following the shore of the peninsula, until you get back to the Ponte dos Regos bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left, following the western shore of the Green Lake [Lagoa Verde] until you reach the Baia do Sossego. Then go back along the same path. Turn left towards the parish of Sete Cidades, then turn left again at the crossroads where there is a fountain, and take the Rua da Cidade. Turn right and follow the street as far as the São Nicolau Church, then turn right towards the shore of the Blue Lake. Continue along the western short of the lake until you reach the Sete Cidades tunnel and picnic area. Return the same way, with the shore to your left, until you reach the initial starting point.


Route Information

Sete Cidades
Cross Country
1 hora
15,64 Km
184 M