Cumeeiras/litoral Noroeste

Route Description

The trail begins on the west shore of the Blue Lake [Lagoa Azul], in Sete Cidades, next to the leisure and restaurant support buildings for the lakeside beach. Go towards the São Nicolau church and turn right onto the main road ER9-1. At km 2,5, turn left and then keep straight ahead. Stop at the crossroads and keep straight ahead again. After 4km climb up a long, steep hill to the top of Pico da Cruz. Then go back down via the cement surface, reducing speed. Continue on past the Aqueduto das 9 Janelas [The 9 Windowed Aqueduct] and turn right at the crossroads (km 13,2) and go down to the Vista do Rei vantage point, passing the Lagoa do Canário. At the Vista do Rei, go down the dirt road next to the bathrooms, slow down and watch out for agricultural and other off-road vehicles. Look out for the turning off at km 19,5, turn left here and then turn right at the end. Continue on until you reach the main road EN1-1A. Cross over the main road and continue on via the dirt road to the right. On this trail you go past the Ponta da Ferraria Lighthouse, the Miradouro do Escalvado vantage point and the Pico do Mafra, crossing the EN1-1A main road at km 35,5. Cross the road and begin the climb to the top of the crater ridge, turn right at the top towards Ceara and go down to the lake, turning left at km 37,3, back to where the trail started.


Route Information

Sete Cidades_Cumeeiras_litoral West Coast_Sete Cidades
Cross Country
3-4 horas
39,15 Km
1.421 M
Technical level: