Route Description

The trail begins on the west shore of the Blue Lake [Lagoa Azul], in Sete Cidades, next to the leisure and restaurant support buildings for the lakeside beach. Go towards the São Nicolau church and turn to the right along the main road ER9-1. At km 3,7, turn right towards the Cumeeira Pequena [Small Ridge]. Follow the ridge as far as the Vista do Rei vantage point (km 8,5) and continue straight ahead towards the Lagoa do Canário (km 12,1) on the ER8-1A. Turn left at km 12,8 and follow alongside the Aqueduto das 9 Janelas [The 9 Windowed Aqueduct], and go left towards Pico da Cruz. At km 14,4 begin to climb the cement path, which is about 500m long and quite steep, up to the top of Pico da Cruz. The route back down from the top is mostly downhill, and can reach high speeds, although a few of the descents are followed by steep climbs. At km 23 turn left, beginning the final descent to the shore of the Blue Lake. At the bottom, turn right, returning to the point of departure.


Route Information

Sete Cidades_Cumeeira Grande_Sete Cidades
Cross Country
2-3 horas
24,51 Km
751 M
Technical level: