Cumeeira Pequena

Route Description

The trail begins on the west shore of the Blue Lake [Lagoa Azul], in Sete Cidades, next to the leisure and restaurant support buildings for the lakeside beach. Go towards the São Nicolau church, and turned left along the street called Caminho das ruas until you come to the crossroads with the Rua da Cidade (1,6 km), where you turn right. Turn right again at km 2,5 and begin the climb (200m), continuing on over a series of humps in the traditional set stone paving, until you reach the main road (ER9-1A). Turn left and follow the main road, turning left again at km 5,7, beginning a rather steep climb which takes you back onto the main road. Keep straight on until you reach the Miradouro das Cumeeiras Pequenas vantage point, where you can see the parish of Mosteiros and its islets. Follow the Cumeeiras road until the crossroads (11,7 km) with the Caminho dos 3 km dirt road (the old road to Sete Cidades). If you wish, you can continue a little further to the Miradouro da Vista do Rei vantage point. Go back down via the 3km dirt road, reducing speed, as you may find off-road vehicles coming in the opposite direction. At the bottom of the hill keep straight ahead as far as the Rua da Cidade, and keep on the asphalt until you reach the fountain. Turn left towards the village and follow the lakeside until you get back to the starting point.


Route Information

Sete Cidade_Cumeeira Pequena_Sete Cidades
Cross Country
1-2 horas
15 Km
419 M
Technical level: